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Just like the Denver Nuggets, this site is a work in progress! It will never be finished. The site will evolve and change as do the Denver Nuggets.

Known fondly as “The Signlady”, Vicki has enjoyed many years following the Denver Nuggets. All years have been special… some years more than others. Like most fans Vicki started at McNichols Sports Arena however we were not around to enjoy the ABA days at either McNichols or of course the Denver Coliseum, but we’ve heard the stores!

We started out in the upper level.

We had just moved to Denver, Vicki didn’t know anyone and was home-sick. I came home with some tickets and she said, “I don’t want to go to no damn basketball game”. How I remember those words!

It wasn’t too long and we had two folding chairs at the point of the wedge on the south side where the players came out. It was the start of more than I could have imagined! The Sonics game. Chopper’s big standing ovation though he was in a wheelchair at the time. When he left the court he clasped Vicki’s hand for what seemed like a very long time… and then he disappeared into the tunnel. No tears, just a big smile.

Vicki’s first favorite player was Bryant Stith. Vicki still visits Bryant and his family on vacations.

The Pepsi Center!

We’ve had the same seats since the Pepsi Center opened… Section 130, Row 1 right in the corner where the Nuggets currently come out of their locker-room. Stop in and say “hello” when you are at a game… we would love to meet you! Who knows? If you are a die-hard Fan you just might get invited to stand in “Vicki’s Corner” and high-five some players.

Well, that’s it for now. But check back often as we update the site. I’ll be adding more stuff as time and life permit!

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